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Richard’s Keynote Topics

Disruption is growth

Evolution in business is not fast enough. We must cope with disruption, learn from failure and transform our decision making to drive results individually, in teams and in business. The future for our children’s children depends on our ability to change.



  • Why coping with disruption is good.
  • Why it’s better to be your own disruptor than wait for your competitors or the environment to disrupt you.
  • How the military is an effective example, constantly disrupting their own strategies, tactics and technologies and preparing their leaders and people to cope with whatever the world throws at them.
  • Why all plans fail on first contact with “the enemy” and how to respond better when failure occurs… and it will.
  • Why pushing decisions up the line severely limits your capacity for adapting when complexity and ambiguity are present.
  • How leaders who allocate decision rights and drive decision makers to make informed choices lead a more agile organisation.
  • These lessons for business provoke some thoughts for raising children to cope with disruption, learn from failure and take responsibility for their own decisions – what better preparation for leading a successful business and building a better world.

Fail and move forward

Clarity is a myth. We build confidence and power by developing a level of skepticism with the ‘facts’, exercising our curiosity and asking great questions. These elements of the scientific approach open pathways to progress our life’s dreams, lead our organisations and build a better future for ourselves and our children’s children.



  • Why clarity is a myth: as science aims to explain our world and its universe, knowledge is at best partial, subjective and tentative. And, we need to deal with that.
  • How in the face of uncertainty you can develop and model your own pathways to progress with an outcomes focus.
  • Why skepticism, curiosity and questions are essential to keep making progress.
  • How a simple frame of ‘why, what and how’ used recursively focuses questions for people, teams and complex enterprises to gain perspective and understanding.
  • Why it’s dangerous not to disrupt your own thinking and how to tune your own channels for discovery to keep you and your organisation agile, innovative and viable.
  • These lessons for business provoke some thoughts for preparing children to create their future, lead successful enterprises and build a better world.

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“Dr. Richard Hodge is a foremost practitioner advancing ideas and methods for dealing effectively with unpredictable, human-centric systems at the heart of some of the world’s most difficult problems. He is an engaging speaker who brings insights relevant to a variety of domains of international importance from health care to national defense.”

Dr. Brian White

Principal CAU, SES, Sudbury MA.

“The clarity, originality and deep understanding conveyed by Richard’s presentations truly assisted us in the growth of our research exploring complex system governance. I would travel almost any distance to hear Richard speak.”

Joseph M. Bradley

PhD - Director, Leading Change, Norfolk VA.

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